Usada Fluke Analizador digital Cable CAT6 TES-DTX-1200


Fluke Networks' DTX-1200 Digital Cable Analyzer combines powerful speed and unprecedented accuracy that no other certification tester can match. This revolutionary platform gives you a complete solution that streamlines every aspect of the certification job from setup to record-fast testing and troubleshooting to reporting results to the customer. DTX can save you a considerable amount of time up to four hours a day. It also significantly reduces total certification costs by as much as 33% a year.

Model DTX-1200 Cable Analyzer provides revolutionized performance and value for CAT 6/5e certification with test capabilities up to 350 MHz. It performs industry-leading CAT 6 certification tests in just 12 segundos -- all in full compliance with industry standards and superior Level IV accuracy. That's three times faster than existing testers. This incredible speed means you can test up to 170 more links in an eight-hour shift. And fiber testing is five times faster with optional modules. Switch between copper and fiber with the push of a button.

Troubleshooting faults is twice as fast. When a link fails, the DTX-1200 provides quick and easy-to-understand directions to identify the point of failure (distance from the tester) and the possible reason(s) for the failure. These directions not only tell you the problem but also identify corrective actions test technicians can take to solve the problem quickly -- all without having to consult the project manager. Instead of spending time executing trial and error corrections -- and then re-testing to find out if the problem has been resolved -- the technician knows exactly where to look and what to do to fix the failing link. Even if only 2% of the cables certified in one shift fail the Autotest, you will save as much as two hours of labor time per day certifying.

This instrument isn't just a faster way to test. It's a faster way to do everything -- even when you're not testing. It cuts setup and reporting times. Its ease of use lowers training times. Extended 12-hour battery life means you can do more on a single charge. The bright color display, ample memory and built-in talk set all contribute to overall productivity while enhancing user experience. This all adds up to save you time and money every day.

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Gato 6 Autotest time (segundos) 9
Maximum bandwidth (MHz) 350
Accuracy level IV
Color display •
Stores graphical results data •
Internal memory capacity (graphical Cat 6) 250
Removable memory card interface •
Gato 6 graphical results for each of 32 MB multiple 600
Lithium ion batteries – battery life 12 hours
Advanced diagnostics •
AC Wire Map capability •
interfaz USB •
Serial interface •
Cat 6A permanent link adapter •
Gato 6 channel adapter •
Accepts resident fiber module •
Start autotest at smart remote •
Talk between main and smart remote •
DTX Compact OTDR Module option
Fiber Loss/Length Test Module
(multimode, singlemode, or gigabit multimode)
Fiber Compact OTDR Module option
DTX 10 Gig Kit n/a
Network Service Module option
Patch Cord Test Adapters option
Class F Adapters n/a
Coax Cable Test Adapters option
Multimedia memory card option
USB cable •
Serial computer interface cable option
Talk headset •
Estuche de transporte •
• = Feature or accessory is available in the standard product configuration
n/a = The feature is not available; the accessory is not applicable
option = The accessory can be purchased as an optional item.

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  • Fluke Networks DTX-1200 Main Unit (BC# 4369A)
  • Fluke Networks DTX-1200 Smart Remote
  • (2) Fluke Networks DTX-PLA001 Universal Permanent Link Adapters
  • (2) Fluke Networks DTX-CHA001 Cat6/Class E Channel Adapters
  • 128Tarjeta de memoria MB
  • (2) Fluke Networks PM06
  • (2) Paquetes de baterías
  • (2) AC Adapter/Chargers
  • USB PC Interface Cable
  • (2) Headset Talksets
  • Fluke Linkware Cable Management Software
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • (2) Straps For Unit
  • Hard Carrying Case

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